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Hippopod is a free and open source podcast website generator

Hippopod is very fast


Built with modern technologies, works like a charm on desktop AND mobile.

Hippopod is very pretty


Choose your theme from our free library of amazing designs. And more are always coming!

Hippopod is very handy


Give your listeners a player with all the features a podcast player should have, out of the box.

  • No coding required

    Literally, an RSS feed is all that you need

  • Open Source

    Hippopod is open source and free to use: no caveats!

  • Responsive

    Mobile or desktop your listeners will get an hippobulous user experience

  • Light and Dark

    Templates availabile in light and dark modes

  • Dual Layout

    Display episodes as a list or as a grid

  • Add to queues

    Episodes can be queued, and the queue is kept across sessions!

  • Real-time updates

    The websites updates as soon as a new episode is published on the rss feed

  • Lightweight

    Hippo-sites are lightweight and performant web applications

  • Faster, Faster, Slower

    Control the playback speed with industry-standard algorithms

  • Progressive

    Coming soon

    Near to native experience and offline access

Easy as Hippo-Pie

Creating and launching a website with Hippopod is as easy as pasting in our generator your podcast's feed, choosing a theme and a primary color, and download the generated website. No hard-to-understand settings or obscure configuration. Just the right amount, no more, no less.

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